Ernie’s Christmas Elf Name Generator

What makes a Christmas party, a day at the office or gathering of friends more fun? Discovering their silly elf names and calling them by that name for the day or during your holiday party!

To create an authentic Christmas Elf Name Generator, Ernie went around the toy shop to get the and wrote down all the names of his elf buddies and put it together. Ernie’s Elf Name Generator is sure to add excitement to your party or holiday event, as well as smiles and giggles.

To make your event more interesting, create name tags and make everyone call each other by their elf names!

Just use the Elf Name Generator graphic below or click for a printable Elf Name Generator. That way you can print out as many Elf Name Generators as you need.

Christmas Elf Name Generator

Our Christmas Elf Name Generator will name a little extra fun to your Ugly Sweater Party, Cookie Exchange, Ornament Exchange, or any gathering with family and friends.

Kids find the Elf Name Generator is especially funny at kids parties, where they will have fun discovering their unique elf name.

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