Free Printable Maze for the Holidays!

Ernie has a gift just for you, a free printable Christmas maze. Now you can help Ernie find Ralph, so they can leave the North Pole and try to find Santa. This free printable maze is a fun afternoon, weekend or party activity for kids and adults. It is a tricky maze, that takes a while to figure out.

This maze challenge is a fun activity if you have already played our Christmas Left Right game or did a story reading of our book  Ernie the Elf and the Special Gift .

This is a Freebie!
Just click Christmas Maze for Kids and the maze should load, then just print and play.

Free Printable Maze for Kids Christmas Events

What is nice about our freebies is that you can use them at a party or as an afternoon activity to kill some time. We have found that it is best to purchase Ernie’s Christmas book first and share the story with your kids. Then the free holiday printables have more meaning and are more exciting to play. 

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