Ernie’s Gift Passing Gift Exchange Game

After creating Ernie, we wanted to add him to more party games. However, those games needed to have elements of Ernie’s personality. Ernie likes to do good, make toys, enjoy hot chocolate and go sledding.

So when we were working on a gift passing gift exchange game, it seemed like the perfect fit for Ernie. Ernie’s gift exchange game involves passing gifts based on attributes and holiday questions. The gifts remain wrapped until the end of the gift exchange and then they are opened.

In the end the Christmas gift that each person ends up with, is the gift that they are meant to have!

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Gift Passing Gift Exchange Game

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This is a fun gift exchange game where people answer holiday questions and then based upon their answer either pass their present or keep it. It is a fun game because you also get to see you has baked cookies, finish Christmas shopping and other holiday activities. 

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